Yeah, we have new students!

RIT's annual Tiger Walk welcomes incoming freshman to campus
Thousands of incoming freshmen are welcomed to the RIT campus by faculty and staff each August as they march in the Tiger Walk on their way to the new student convocation

By Mike Johansson

The lifeblood is once again pulsing through the RIT campus this week as students return for the new school year.

It’s like having spring in mid-August. The campus that has had only a few students and faculty through the summer has felt a little sleepy, even dormant.

The walkways were almost empty, the hallways hollow and the quads were there in all of their well-manicured glory for almost no one to enjoy. But that all changes this week as students return breathing life back into the bricks and stone.

From returning second years (who are now “old hands”) to juniors and seniors and graduate students the mass of humanity that makes up the student body at RIT comes streaming back onto campus.

By the end of this week finding a seat in one of the many campus cafeterias and cafes may be hard (students who have spent the summer apart have so much catching up to do) and the lines will be back at the coffee shops and snack stops.

Then there are the welcome-back rituals. The most-fun of which is Tiger Walk (this year at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 20) which precedes the new student convocation in the Gordon Field House.

Faculty and staff don as much orange and brown as is humanly possible and gather up noisemakers and signs before assembling on the east side of the Field House. There they group in colleges and try to outdo each other with how loud they can be as the thousands of freshmen file by into convocation.

President Destler and Ritchie the mascot are always there high-fiving students as the RIT Pep Band tries to bring a semblance of musical order to the cacophony. It’s a great way to make new students feel welcome and help them see the liveliness that is RIT.

This is why it’s hard not to be excited by the new school year once students return. Like the robins that return each spring signifying new life and new beginnings so too does the return of students to the RIT campus.

Welcome back students … we’re delighted to have you back.


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