Book vs. iPad

Have you read a book so thick you were particularly proud of finishing it?  Say, Moby-Dick, or Crime and Punishment.  Maybe War and Peace?

Last summer I set myself the task of reading all four volumes of Robert Caro’s projected five-volume life of Lyndon Johnson, some 3,000 pages so far.  The fourth book was so hefty it was difficult to balance on my stomach as I read.  (I like to read lying down.)  Here’s a photo I took while reading by the pool.


Most of the time now I read books on an iPad (again, lying down), which is altogether a more convenient method.  No wrestling with a hefty tome, no turning pages, no, well, paper.  But when I’m done there’s no book to close and put on a shelf. There’s no monument to the work I put into reading.

I have a library at home, a room devoted to showing off my reading.  Here’s one wall:


The iPad I now prefer has me questioning the point of all that paper stuffed on shelves and taking up space.  Really, aren’t private libraries more boasting than indexing?  I can’t even take the time to organize my books.  When I want something I have to scan the shelves.  If I want to go back to a book on the iPad I can search electronically, effortlessly.

Still, I have a sentimental attachment to the big book, which is why I bought hard copies of Caro’s magisterial work.  But it sure was a hassle lugging those volumes around.


One thought on “Book vs. iPad

  1. I, like you, think there’s a place for both. If I read something on my ipad that I love, I tend to buy it in hard copy. i worry about a future when no-one has books in their house – how will i know if someone is a kindred spirit or not???

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