Wait, what’s week ten?

By Hayley Stauss


We should be studying for finals, turning in papers and projects, preparing for presentations, and making plans for break. Instead, we’re crossing that ever so dreaded ten-week mark, with five more to go. Though I won’t be breaking out my presentation blazer and high heels anytime soon, the pressure of “week ten” seems to still be there, just in a smaller quantity.

Some professors gave tests last week, some will be this week, and for other classes, projects are due. Though there are still five weeks left, there is that awkward feeling of “well this would be finals week and I’m not totally sure what’s going to happen for the rest of the semester.”

As a transfer student, I have done semesters before. Though it never felt to me things were dragging on then, there is definitely a student buzz on campus surrounding the fact that we would practically be done with this round of classes already.

Not all of us have adjusted to the semester switch, I even had a business professor last week say “So I’m still in quarter mode, and your proposals won’t be due until next week, I don’t know what I was thinking.” Phew.

It’s definitely been a different kind of pressure during the semesters, maybe the biggest difference being that I haven’t even registered for my spring classes yet! Though it won’t be happening for a couple more weeks, I’m still trying to compile the perfect senior semester schedule.

I do feel like, in most of my classes, we are able to take more time on the denser topics, and learn a little bit more. There seems to be more time to review those items that aren’t totally clear, benefiting us in the long run.

With lengthier projects still lingering overhead, tests still to come and a senior schedule to make, I think I still might be reserving my week ten seat at Midnight Oil. Hopefully the “midnight nights” won’t be making an appearance any time soon.

Here’s to all of us, trying-to-adjust-to-new-semester-students, only five more weeks! Freshman, you don’t know how good you have it!


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